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    The best way to find a Tradesman

    Welcome Tradesman, Home-Owner and Employers to BBK Tradesman UK!

    BBK Tradesman UK, the proud affiliate of BBK Direct the UK’s largest online home improvement store.

    This site has been created to help UK home owners find quality tradesman like worktop installers, joiners, plumbers, electricians, flooring installers, wall panelling installers, bathroom fitters and builders.  And to help tradesman find legitimate projects to quote on so they can reach their financial and growth goals.

    Large building companies and contractors can use this platform to do the same by finding sub-contractors for their large projects.

    So why did we create BBK-Tradesman.uk.com?

    Firstly, customer service! BBK Direct UK brings in thousands potential clients and processes hundreds of product orders every month.

    Over the last 10 years one frequently asked question always stood out… Can you help me find a Tradesman?

    Usually we would recommend a fitter or two within a client’s area, but making the connection between fitter and end user is a bit of a challenge if you don’t have the right tools. By creating BBK-Tradesman we can proudly and confidently make this connection and say “Yes we can help you find a Tradesman.” Raising our customer service level even higher.

    Secondly, it’s our way of giving back! We have been referring clients to tradesman for a few years and helped many companies and independent tradesman stay in business, even though they deliver unbelievable workmanship and service the cost of advertising and lack of advertising know-how kept them from achieving their goals.

    Our aim is to deliver the cheapest and most affective customer to tradesman platform in the UK, and with this we know we can affect people’s lives positively!

    We have taken BBK Tradesman UK even further ahead of the rest!

    Yes you will find the best tradesman for your project and yes you will be getting quality leads from real people looking to hire. But there is even more!

    You will have access to additional savings and benefits through BBK Direct UK (our online home improvement site), like product discounts, free delivery and more when placing your free project ad or creating a tradesman profile on BBK-Tradesman.uk.com.

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    Great experience working through BBK Tradesman! Job requests come in as a notification via email, then the quoting begins. Such a time-saver!

    Appliance World

    All my projects will be listed on BBK Tradesman to get the best Tradesman for the job. Quotes are sent online, and I can have a chat with each Tradesman before making a decision. Makes the entire process so much quicker when you can filter through Tradesman online.

    Jason Cordon

    Quoting has become less of a hassle with this online service. We quote, the client gets in touch via the live chat to iron out some finer details, quote is approved, and we move forward with the project. Great service!

    Express Installations